Community Update #16

✨Dear Fryoneers,

Our sincerest apologies for missing our usual Fryday updates, will not happen again! Let’s dive in to the planned and ongoing activities for Q1, 2021🐱‍👤


Fry World is live for 3.5 months and we have ended 2020 with some turbulence and few delays. Overall stats show solid basis that allows us to grow further and grow stronger.

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TVL in Pancake LP vaults are fairly stable during the last 30 days, with the total value on Fry.World sitting at around 7.3M

BSC News which is the great source of information on the projects in our rapidly growing BSC community, covered Fry World and provided an accurate and informative article. 👨‍🎓

🔗Ongoing development

There are quite few things in the development, a lot of what what was initiated and advised by the community members (thank you, guys!) …

Community Update #15

✨Dear Fryoneers,

Less than two weeks left until the end of this turbulent year. Let’s cover what happened and what is upcoming!🔥

🎆The Fast Food Alliance has decided to celebrate end of 2020 with a joyful campaign that involves a majority of BSC users. Great initiative, that brought new users and will show-case value of NFTs as financial products. 1000 winning addresses will be published on 21/12! But we have more goodies for you — $70,000 in prizes from the Fast Food Alliance and Binance Smart Chain! Find updated details here:

🔗We have reached an important milestone — DeFi Yield has conducted the audit of Fry World’s code (important thing to read!) and assigned risk level as Low. Fry World and DeFi Yield has agreed on the partnership and fryVaults will be added to their platform. …

Community Update #14

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This is the begging of a great partnership!

The Fry World team is excited to announce a partnership with DeFi Yield, bringing needed transparency and trust to the rapidly evolving Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

DeFi Yield is a reputable and well-established project, with a vibrant community, that provides an excellent resources to verify, analyze and learn everything related to BSC projects, features and vulnerabilities. DeFi Yield provides a comprehensive set of tools that elevates user experience. We highly recommend to visit and utilize the offering.


We are proud to announce that DeFi Yield has confirmed our official declarations, intentions and structure are true and correct, and has identified Risk Level as Low. The DeFi Yield team has been extremely helpful and the process was straightforward. …

Community Update #13

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✨Dear Fryoneers,

The Fast Food Alliance has decided to celebrate end of 2020 with a joyful campaign that involves members of our amazing communities!

We are extremely grateful for the journey we share with you and let us present the upcoming Fast Food Christmas Carnival which will be co-presented by DEGO! Free meals to the community at the Fast Food Christmas Carnival!🎁🍟🍔🥤

The Fast Food Alliance is a group of Binance Smart Chain based projects, coming together with a common vision to provide DeFi use cases, boost adoption and bring innovation to the users around the world. Initiated by BurgerSwap, Fry.World is one of earliest members, in a company of solid projects like …

Community Update #12

✨Dear Fryoneers,
Another week has passed and it is about time to review the weekly progress and Holy Fries we have a lot of news and even a Fry bot! Another announcement is coming on soon and new campaign on Monday!🤖

📕State of FRIES

More than 2000 $FRIES have been permanently burnt and Strong Fries are stronger than ever🔥💪

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Vaults V2 (3+million and growing), Single Cake Vault was welcomed by users as well!

Community Update #11

🍟Dear Fryoneers,

On Friday we announced fryVaults v2 and things are looking pretty pretty pretty good- TVL is going up and the new fee structure was supported by the community. Guys & gals you are the best!🙏

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At the time of writing almost almost all funds were moved from v1 to v2

💸Single Coin Vaults- new feature on the Fry.Wolrd

Let’s fry on into the details and start with an explanation between fryVaults and terminology in general.

✅Vaults- very often vaults provide an opportunity to utilize the high yield on farms by depositing another asset to earn, sell and compound profits of the native reward token.

✅Single Coin Vaults- have a distinct feature that they earn more of the single underlying asset.
Example: $CAKE will make a user more $CAKE. …

Community Update #10

✨Dear Fryoneers,
What a journey we had in the two months since launch! Thank you all for your support, patience and great insights! Love&Fries from the team💖🍟
Let’s dive in into what was achieved in the last 30 days and what are upcoming development plans!

📕State of FRIES

Needless to say November was another month in crypto — unpredictable and exciting!

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🍟20,000 $FRIES have been minted, out of which:

✨10,000+ $FRIES are in $KHP staking

🔥1815+ $FRIES are permanently burnt

💪🍟618+ $FRIES in the Strong FRIES Reserve

📤Emission for December/2020 is 205 $FRIES/day with a further reduction as pictured on the left. …

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How does it work?

The first reaper vault ☠ will start with users depositing $CAKE, and stakes the cake directly on PancakeSwap. Every time a harvest happens, the $CAKE is auto-compounded with the following fee structure:

* 5% of cake is sold for $FRIES and sent directly to $KHP Holders
* 5% of cake is sold for $FRIES as a performance fee
* 2% of cake is sold for $BNB and sent to function caller as gas fee

This means 88% of the cake is auto-compounded.
Note, there will be no withdrawal fee on this first vault. …

Community Update #9

It’s been 30 days of FRIES! To celebrate we will have a week of promotions, NFTs, and fresh product releases. We are excited to have such great use cases and advanced vault features already running with millions in value. Plus, we have the greatest community in the world that we can’t wait to reward and celebrate. It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in such a short time, as you can see from our first 30 infographics

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To promote the fryVaults we will be holding a drawing, worth 20 Ketchup, between all those who have added 20k or more to the cake-bnb,btc-bnb, busd-bnb, or busd-usdt vaults. …

Community Update #8

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🍟Dear Fryoneers,

The team is extremely grateful for your continuous support, great suggestions and the friendliest atmosphere in the whole DeFi space. Guys & gals, you are the best🙏

This update covers the following: what is the FryVault? How does it work? How can I participate? And of course, APY? See the new LP multipliers below the vaults information!
Let’s dive into those juicy details!🏊‍♀️


2X 🍟 Fry pools coming:



To participate you simply stake your 🥞 FryPancake LP tokens

*🍔Burger / 🍟Fries LP moving to 22x multiplier

*All 27 🥞PancakeLP vaults will be live within 24…

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