🍟$FRIES Token Emission Schedule

Community Update #4

There has been a lot of questions about the specific $FRIES emission schedule on our telegram channel. This post is going to break down the exact release day by day to month by month!

The emission is broken down into 2 stages: Bonus Month 1, and Months 2–12. More specifically, days are 30,000 blocks each — which add up to about 25 hours on Binance Smart Chain (28,800 blocks for 24 hours).

In the bonus month, the rewards drop every 30,000 blocks by 0.0006875 fries/block, or 20.625 fries daily! Each harvest also incurs a 1% permanent burn, and 1% to be added to the Strong Fries reserve — which will be distributed to Ketchup holders.

Month 1 Breakdown:

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Stage 2, is broken down by every 900,000 blocks (~1 Month) until there are no more $FRIES left to be fried from the farming pools and the total supply will be met! Instead of daily drops, there will be monthly drops in rewards. In each subsequent month there will be 20.625 less fries per day. As you can see below, in month 2- there will be 206.25 Fries fried per day for the entire month, then in month 3- there will be 185.625 fries per day for that month, and so on until the entire emission has completed.
Here is the breakdown of Month 2 to end:

The ~50,600 total number we have came up with takes into account the dev fund, the 1% permanent burn on initial harvests, and the 1% initial Strong Fries harvest. However does not include any calculation on burn rate, as there is a 1% burn and 1% strong fries fee on every single transfer of Fries. This means by Oct. 14th, 2021 (end of $FRIES farming), there will definitely be less than this predicted total because of $FRIES deflationary design.

Happy Frying!

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