Community Update #9

It’s been 30 days of FRIES! To celebrate we will have a week of promotions, NFTs, and fresh product releases. We are excited to have such great use cases and advanced vault features already running with millions in value. Plus, we have the greatest community in the world that we can’t wait to reward and celebrate. It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in such a short time, as you can see from our first 30 infographics

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To promote the fryVaults we will be holding a drawing, worth 20 Ketchup, between all those who have added 20k or more to the cake-bnb,btc-bnb, busd-bnb, or busd-usdt vaults. To be eligible for this drawing simply have 20k or more in one of these vaults by Friday Nov 6th.

The next 2x fryer will be for the BTC-BNB fryVault! Get ready for bonus apy while you compound your LP. Coming Tuesday Nov 3rd.

Bigger bonus multipliers to the FRIES LP pools and Ketchup pool to reward our LP providers and Ketchup stakers! We appreciate your support and want to make sure our loyal community continues to receive incentives to participate. Coming Tuesday Nov 3rd.

New 7up 3x pool in support of the Fast Food Alliance! Get ready to welcome the 7up community into the fold with our new promotional 7up 3x pool. A full on happy meal with FRIES, Burger and 7up! Coming Tuesday Nov 3rd.


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In addition to our seasonal and limited edition art themed NFTs, we have begun building an achievement system that will reward our community and users with NFTs for using the FRIES economy and ecosystem. Interactions with each of our various contracts, vaults, fryers, and other features will unlock relevant NFTs with unique designs and art that can be tracked on fry.world. Unlock them all and receive a special NFT. More details coming Wednesday Nov 4th.


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fryReaper testing has been going well and the last details are being worked out. It is a straightforward contract with minimal fees and all rewards paid in FRIES. AN excellent way to provide auto harvesting value while still stimulating the fries economy. Announcement and timer coming Wed Nov 4th.

Ketchup Auto-Compounder. You’ve asked and we’ve listened, our Deep Fry Dev is cooking up something that will allow you to deposit your Ketchup and have it staked on the Ketchup 3x fryer. It will then regularly harvest the fries earned and compound them in to more ketchup. Rinse, repeat. More on this is Wednesday Nov 4th update.

UI and UX updates. So many UI and UX updates. We will be striving to provide the metrics the community has asked for, including Ketchup value in FRIES, amount of buys made from harvests, and other relevant numbers and explanations where necessary.

Happy frying!🍟🔥

Official channels:

✅Telegram: https://t.me/FryWorldFinance
✅Discord: https://discord.gg/3YANtNr
✅Twitter: https://twitter.com/fry_world
✅Website: https://fry.world/
✅Chinese Community: https://t.me/FryWorldFinance_CN
✅Portuguese Community: https://t.me/MundoFry

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