🍅Ketchup ($KHP) V2 update!

1. What happened?❗

2. New Ketchup staking pool 🍅

3. How and when the $KHP v1 losses will be reimbursed? 💰

4. FAQ ❓

  1. How to receive $KHP?
    In order to receive $KHP you need to go here: https://fry.world/stakingv2 and stake your FRIES. Remember: The amount of ketchup a user will receive is calculated to create a fair entry:
    (amount of Fries to stake) * (total Ketchup) / (totalFries in staking)
  2. How does the Harvest work? Is it automatic?
    There is an auto harvest of the 2X pool every 4 hours which goes directly into the Ketchup staking contract. After each harvest your total % share of the pool will stay the same, but the amount of Fries in the pool go up! This means your share of ketchup will represent more fries when you unstake.
  3. When Strong Fries go into the staking pool, does the % of the total pool go up?
    Your % of the total pool share will always stay the same based on how many users go in and out, but the total Fries pool goes up. It means that your amount of Fries when you unstake them, goes up.
  4. Can I sell $KHP?
    KHP is a BEP-20 token, so it is tradeable and moveable. However please keep in mind Ketchup represents your Fries stake in the pool. Trading away your KHP also results in trading away your share of the staking pool! Fries can only be redeemed for KHP tokens.
  5. Where can I find $KHP contract?
  6. What happens when I unstake?
    When you leave the staking pool, or “unstake”, your $KHP amount gets burned, then converted back to Fries as follows:
    Your portion of FRIES received in the total staking pool is:
    (userKetchup / totalKetchup) * (total FRIES in staking pool)
    ❗ Please remember about 2% FRIES burn rate on every tx and 2.5% dev fee on unstaking/withdrawals from staking pool.




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