Community Update #7

🍟Dear Fryoneers,

We have an important announcement regarding Ketchup🍅 staking 3X and BUSD, WBNB rewards 🔥

Also, in order to make the experience of interacting with the Fry World Ketchup staking easier, we made a short guide and listed some tips.

📜 This community update covers:
1. New Ketchup🍅 Fryer 3X Pool
2. BUSD and WBNB frying rewards to be reduced
3. BNB/FRIES and BUSD/FRIES🍟 receive additional 1X
4. Ketchup staking FAQ and manual

1. New Ketchup🍅 fryer 3x [Staking starts Oct. 21st 5PM UTC]

The newest edition to fry.world is our Ketchup 🍅frying pool. Here you will be able to deposit your ketchup to the fryer and fry up some more FRIES🍟. The fryer has a 3X multiplier and will be an additional reward on top of the 2X FRIES🍟 fryer and your share of the Strong FRIES 🍟reserve.

Farm Fries🍟, Stake Fries🍟, Get Ketchup🍅, Stake Ketchup🍅get FRIES🍟!

2. BUSD and WBNB frying rewards will be reduced

The BUSD and WBNB fryers will be reduced by 50% until the vaults are live, at which point there will be the option to deposit BUSD, WBNB, and USDT in fryVaults! The reward reduction will happen right as the Ketchup farming pool starts! Please see the timer on the website. We appreciate all the TVL that the BUSD and WBNB fryers have given us until now and we urge them to move to the BUSD / FRIES🍟 or BNB / FRIES🍟 LP fryers to assist in adding more liquidity for trading or move to our vaults when they open😁. Additional pools and multipliers will be decided by governance when KHP voting becomes available.

3. BNB/FRIES🍟 and BUSD/FRIES🍟 receive additional 1X

Great news to our loyal fryoneers who have been providing or will provide liquidity to our scrumptious FRIES🍟.

Effective once the BUSD and WBNB fryers rewards are reduced, (when ketchup staking begins), BNB and BUSD Liquidity Providers will be rewarded by adding an additional multiplier to them.

BNB / FRIES 🍟fryers will receive 5X multiplier. 🧨

BUSD / FRIES🍟 fryers will receive 4X multiplier. ✨

After the Ketchup timer finishes (Oct. 21st 5PM UTC)
the new pool rewards will be:

7X for BURGER/FRIES LP on Burgerswap (+ Burger rewards) [~26.7%]
5X for WBNB/FRIES LP tokens from PancakeSwap [~19.2%]
4X for BUSD/FRIES LP tokens from PancakeSwap [~15.4%]
3X for KETCHUP Tokens [~11.5%]
3X for BURGER Tokens [~11.5%]
2X for FRIES staking on “Ketchup” tab (+ StrongFries rewards) [~7.7%]
1X for BUSD Tokens [~3.8%]
1X for WBNB Tokens [~3.8%]

4. Ketchup staking FAQ and manual

💡First of all please read carefully the Community Update #5 as it has all the key information: what is $KHP🍅, how to get it and details on distribution and rewards. 💡Also, please read the Community Update #6 it covers what happened with v1 and how we solved it.

4.1. How to receive $KHP🍅?
In order to receive $KHP🍅 you need to go here: https://fry.world/staking and stake your FRIES🍟. The amount of ketchup a user will receive is calculated based on this:
(amount of Fries to stake) * (total Ketchup) / (totalFries in staking)

4.2. You unlock your wallet and see this:

4.3. FRIES🍟 Available; KETCHUP🍅 Balance

Approve FRIES🍟 and Convert FRIES🍟. When you Convert FRIES🍟, they will turn into KETCHUP🍅 and you will see it below. Ketchup represents your share of the FRIES staking🍟you have in this pool.
KETCHUP🍅 Balance. This shows how much KETCHUP 🍅you have in your wallet. You can unstake- Convert to FRIES🍟. Remember about fees and the inherent fries burn, we advise to use this pool for longer holding period.

4.4. Total FRIES🍟 in Staking Pool; Your Total Pool Share

Total FRIES🍟 in Staking Pool shows total amount in this staking pool. This amount increases as users stake FRIES🍟 and Strong FRIES 🍟are added to this pool.
Your Total Pool Share shows the percentage of the pool you own. Formula: how much $KHP🍅 you have divided by the total $KHP🍅. This amount will be changing depending on the total amount of $KHP🍅.
FRIES🍟 balance keeps going up in pool as it auto harvests, and as Strong Fries are added. Your Ketchup🍅 balance stays the same based on how much you put up, you will just own more Fries🍟 with it when you unstake.

5. Your Total Pool Share in FRIES🍟/USD

Your Total Pool Share in FRIES🍟/USD shows your share in FRIES🍟 and USD. You will see it slowly increase as harvests happen.

How does the Harvest work?
Harvest goes into the 2x staking pool and you will see the Total Fries in Staking Pool go up. Every time a harvest of the 2x pool happens that is how much you earn.


  1. Can I sell $KHP🍅?
    KHP is a BEP-20 token and it is tradeable! You need it to get your Fries🍟 and share of Strong Fries back by unstaking it. Keep this in mind when trading, you will not be able to unstake your fries if you sell it- you are giving that ability to someone else who received them! $KHP is a representation of “Staked $FRIES”. So trading it is like trading a portion of staked fries, without the 2% burn fee of each transaction.
  2. Where can I find $KHP🍅 contract?
  3. What happens when I unstake?
    When you leave the staking pool, or “unstake”, your $KHP🍅 amount gets burned, then:
    Your portion of FRIES 🍟received in the total staking pool is:
    (userKetchup / totalKetchup) * (total FRIES in staking pool)
    ❗ Please remember about 2% FRIES🍟 burn rate on every tx and 2.5% dev fee on unstaking/withdrawals from staking pool.

Official channels:

✅Telegram: https://t.me/FryWorldFinance
✅Discord: https://discord.gg/3YANtNr
✅Twitter: https://twitter.com/fry_world
✅Website: https://fry.world/
✅Chinese Community: https://t.me/FryWorldFinance_CN
✅Portuguese Community: https://t.me/MundoFry

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