🐱‍💻FRYDAY Weekly Update

Community Update #10

✨Dear Fryoneers,
What a journey we had in the two months since launch! Thank you all for your support, patience and great insights! Love&Fries from the team💖🍟
Let’s dive in into what was achieved in the last 30 days and what are upcoming development plans!

📕State of FRIES

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🍟20,000 $FRIES have been minted, out of which:

✨10,000+ $FRIES are in $KHP staking

🔥1815+ $FRIES are permanently burnt

💪🍟618+ $FRIES in the Strong FRIES Reserve

📤Emission for December/2020 is 205 $FRIES/day with a further reduction as pictured on the left.

It is safe to say that the most active distribution phase is almost over.

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Reaper Vault was released with no withdrawal fee and was welcomed by the community. The main advantage- no withdrawal fees, that allows users to experiment with earning strategies, compare different vaults vs KHP and find the most suitable solution to manage their funds. User’s $CAKE🥞 never decreases as Reaper uses the profits to market buy $FRIES🍟.


Total Value Locked 💼

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Thanks to the amazing community!

🎁Birthday Promo campaign


fryVaults v2

New fee structure:

0.05% withdrawal fee — This fee is only to prevent users from going in and out during harvests. The fee is given back into the strategy and not taken by dev team.

88% auto-compounding: which will slightly increase APY from v1 vaults.
5% performance fee: is used to fund the ongoing/further development
5% sent to KHP holders — $FRIES stakers.
2% as gas fee

Both v1 and v2 CakeLP vaults will stay open depending on preference for users.

Further (toke)economic research

Happy frying!🍟🔥

Official channels:

✅Telegram: https://t.me/FryWorldFinance
✅Discord: https://discord.gg/3YANtNr
✅Twitter: https://twitter.com/fry_world
✅Website: https://fry.world/
✅Chinese Community: https://t.me/FryWorldFinance_CN
✅Portuguese Community: https://t.me/MundoFry
✅Indonesian Community: https://t.me/friesindonesia

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